New Energy Consciousness Home

Hola! Cat Morgan here and I AM working and living in the New Energy; an energy that is filled with love and joy. My heart is wide open with the energy of love light is we are now living in a higher vibrational energy here on earth and we are manifesting our desires quickly and easily.
Sure, there are rocks in the rivers, but living in the new energy of LOVE lets those worries drop away as we flow around and past the rocks, where fear can be replaced with LOVE, judgement replaced with compassion and giving, and resentments replaced with forgiveness. In forgiving, we can let go of the old energies that that truly bind ourselves.  This is the time we have been waiting for. The time to let go of what no longer serves you. What a wonderful opportunity to expand our  consciousness!
Forgiveness is not about condoning what someone has done to you or others, forgiveness is about letting go.

The past few years the energies have been shifting within all of us, and it has seemed to be focused around relationships. Relationship with your spouse and family, jobs and relationship with ourselves. It is becoming very clear to many how important it is t be clear on what kind of relationships you want to have in your life, and how important it is not to settle for anything less than your true hearts desires. Settling for less feels uncomfortable now.  Old destructive patterns inside us are releasing, and it is feeling much safer for us to stand in our power, and feel empowered when we make choices that are in alignment with our own truth and the higher aspects of ourselves.

Not only is it very important to be responsible your own thoughts and feelings, but also extremely important to stop making excuses for others that are not taking responsibility their thoughts, words and actions. We all need to “own” our own “stuff” so it fan then shift, release and integrate, regenerate and move on.
Some will see this as a way to expand their consciousness and release their negativity and old thought patterns, and some will revert back to old patterns,  pulling away and staying in lower thought and self serving vibrational patterns.

Will you breakdown? Or Breakthrough?
That choice will remain up to each individual within ones self, and in a partnership. This is the time for fresh starts instead of dwelling on how things use to be in the past.

It is now the time in our history for us to consciously and cognitively remember who we are. And so, I would like you to say hello to your soul self. Your “higher self” is another expression of soul self. It is time to prepare yourself to evolve in a way that you always knew you would! It is happening now. Right now all over this very planet. And, just to let you know, once you are on your “waking up” path, it is very difficult to turn back……but why would you want to? :)…and that is also why settling for less just won’t work anymore.

Enlightenment is inside all of us naturally. We are multidimensional  souls of light and love. The knowledge of who you are is stored inside you, waiting to be accessed. By you. It is a self-awareness, and it is experiential.
It is time to become spiritually aware now. This is no accident that you are reading these very words now. There are no accidents. When you look for something, you will find it. And,  know that, in the new energy everything comes to you.
It is time to prepare yourself to understand, and EXPERIENCE  that you are a being of light and love.

Cat Morgan