New Remote Distance Healing Site Debuts

Catherine "Cat" Laura MorganHello everyone, Cat Morgan here. I am an energy medicine healer living on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico, and I offer remote distance healing services to my clients worldwide.

I will be using this site to explore the concepts of energy medicine, and how they can be applied to a remote healing session with you.

If you already like Energy Medicine Treatments, or are looking to experience Energetic Healing, or perhaps on the road and or can’t get in to your practitioner, then Distance Healing is a great  way to receive a treatment in the comfort of your own home, or hotel.

Any form of Energy Medicine or type of Energetic Healing can be done remotely. There is no secret or really special formula to this. Distance is simply an illusion of time and space.

We are all connected and inter-connected on the level on Consciousness. If we look at science and quantum physics, we can see atoms and other smaller particles called quarks, that are so close together; not actually touching, but connecting and sending information along the etheric highway. Everything is truly connected! Its like an information highway!

Read more about distance healing here.

Cat Morgan

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